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At my local track,l there is an Ultimate game. In order to win the trips bet, you must beat the dealer. The payouts are, however, higher. Ten for a full house, eight for a flush, six for a straight and three for trips. I do not play the trips bet to start, only the base game. At this game, the house doesn't mind if the players discuss their hands or show them to each other. What advantage can be made of this information? How should you change your play? For example, if you hold a Q-9 off suit , does it help knowing how many Qs and nines are out? Is there a point where you do not play this hand? Thanks for the info.
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This is interesting, but with my math skills I wouldn't know where to begin.

I doubt it would get you into positive expectation territory but it might shave the casino's edge a good bit.
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