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What is the percentage of the time that the dealer will qualify with Q32 or better?

I already checked the game page at https://wizardofodds.com/games/three-card-poker/ with no luck . :(

From Wizard: "I have been asked several times about the strategy of raising on any queen or better, in other words mimicking the dealer. This is not a bad strategy but you will lose more with it than the optimal strategy above. The house edge playing the mimic the dealer strategy is 3.45%. Raising on everything, or playing blind, results in a house edge of 7.65%."

I know a player who likes to play his unqualified trash hands at a full table when (5 or 6 of the other 6 players) are playing their hands. He insists this is the "correct" play as the dealer will have a lesser chance of qualifying. (As long as they are playing qualified Q64+ and not playing trash hands like him, I guess, lol).
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This is the easiest way I can think of to answer this. Let's say you have 6 players and the dealer. That's 21 cards. That leaves 31 cards. How many qualifying combinations are still possible?
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Hello everyone,

Can anyone tell me the odds of getting a Ace-high hand in Three Card Poker? Thanks.
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Quote: allinriverking

...odds of getting a Ace-high hand in Three Card Poker...

I get a probability of about 0.1738.

[This is (4224 - 264 - 128 + 8) / combin(52,3).]
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