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FREE-Play Roulette-Times® Double-Six™ on YOUR Mobile or PC. http://bit.ly/2HwDmOP

Roulette-Times® Double-Six™ 輪盤 孖寶六™
The First Patented Roulette Side-bet, Based on a spin of a Roulette in combination with outcome of other random events ©2007.
Suitable for Live-Dealer Online, Live-Dealer ETG, Land-Based Casinos and Others..

* Roulette-Times® Double-Six™ is played with a standard Roulette-wheel to produce a Roulette-Number and Two 6-sided Dice to produced Two Dice-Number per spin.

1. Player places bet/s Straight-up on any number in the Roulette-Times section (Jackpot-Circuit®) of the layout Marked Blue.

2. Player wins 105-to-1 if the Ball lands on his selected number, and Both Dice randomly-selected Dice-Number are Six (Roulette Double-Six).

3. Player wins 70-to-1 if the Ball lands on his selected number, and only One of the Dice randomly-selected Dice-Number is Six (Roulette Single-Six).

4. Player wins 17-to-1 if the Ball lands on his selected number, but none of the Dice randomly-selected Dice-Number is Six (Roulette-Hit).

5. Otherwise, the Player loses his bet if the Ball doesn’t land on his Selected-Number.

Other FREE-Play NEW Roulette-Games:
* FREE-Play Roulette-18® Wheel-Deal®. http://bit.ly/2RbmDEb
* FREE-Play Roulette-18® DICE™ (Rollette®). http://bit.ly/2CtfoiZ
* FREE-Play Roulette-Flush® TURBO™. http://bit.ly/2VODBrB
* FREE-Play Jackpot-Streets® Double-Six™. http://bit.ly/2T45Elc
* FREE-Play Roulette-Times® Double-Six™. http://bit.ly/2HwDmOP
* FREE-Play Spectrum-Roulette® TURBO™ Coming Soon.

The Question is witch FREE-Play NEW Roulette-Game/s do you like and why?

P.S. Any Comments are Welcome Good or Bad.

BTW. If anyone going to the ICE-London 2019, Please come and give me a visit.
I will be in ABBIATI's Booth S7-230 and PST-Booth S8-140 (Showing 10+ New Table Games).
See ABBIATI's Booth: http://bit.ly/2yOoPGI
See ICE-London Floor-Plan: http://bit.ly/2Ijzr4y
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