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I posted some questions the other day about hand play and the WoO practice game. I spent about a week before my Las Vegas trip practicing the game and learning the Wizard Strategy. I think I did OK!

Over the 3 days, I played 3 sessions of UTH. The results are below in case someone finds this sort of report interesting.

TL:DR version: 3 sessions, 3 wins for a total of $465 gain

Silverton--Win $270
$5 min with a Progressive Jackpot for a $1 buy in. The jackpot had been hit recently and I think it was under $2,000 IIRC.

I played for about 2 hours with a $300 buy in. The table had 2 to 4 other players during my session. I never went below $200, so could have played with just $100. My high hand was a Full House, which I think I got once and we once had one on the board. This payed a small extra bonus if playing the Progressive side bet.

One notable incident happened when the dealer payed me, but didn't pay on my TRIPS bet when I actually HAD trips (he did pay the base win). He had already scooped up the cards and could not reproduce the hand. I asked for confirmation and the pit boss called upstairs. The reviewed the play and called back with "no trips". I assumed I had been wrong or mis-remembered. Then, about 45 minutes later (just as I was leading), the pit boss came back and had the dealer pay me $20 for my trips! The camera team had called back saying they looked at the wrong hand before, but I was right and DID have the trips! Nice little addition to the $250 I was walking away with.

Excaliber--Win $50
$5 min, no progressive

I played here for about an hour or hour and a half. Nearly full or completely full table the whole time. Bought in with $200 and after getting straights my first two hands, was initially getting beat up pretty bad. I think I was pretty close to having to add funds or walk away. Then I got my best hand of the trip--QUADS! I had 8/6 off suit, so didn't play on my cards. Got 2 more 8s in the flop, so I played of course. Then I hit the 4th one on the R/T. Paid $150 (30:1) on the Trips bet and another $50 (10:1) on the Blind, plus the regular win money. Got me out of the hole and gave me more play time for a total $50 win.

NYNY--Win $145
$10 min, no progressive

Bought in with $200. Only myself or 1 player at the table. Not too much to say about this session, other than it was volatile. Went from nearly $300 ahead back down to nearly even and then back up to a positive $145 when I walked.

The dealer was really interesting. He shuffled and handled the cards LIGHTNING FAST, with crisp sudden movements. Almost seemed ROBOTIC. But he was very patient and helpful and in no way pushed the pace of the game other than with his own card handling. By comparison, the relief dealer handled the cards quickly, but normally, but was pushing the pace of the game and not giving me enough time to play my hand! I had even told her that I was new and needed some time to evaluate my cards. Once she even turned the Flop before I had even decided how to play my cards! "Luckily", I had crap so wouldn't have wanted to play the 3x/4x. I was glad to have the fast dealer back after his break!

Any and all questions are welcome. Feel free to ask a freshly-blooded newbie any questions.

Other play for the trip:
BlackJack (all 3:2): 3 sessions--Gold Coast up $250; NYNY lost $225; NYNY up $400
Craps: NYNY up $215
VP: no notable wins; only 1 4 Deuces
Slots: all losses...as expected

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Just curious why after using WoO you still played the trips?

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