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Not an urban legend as it actually happened and I was there.
1998, give or take a year.
Three guys from my part time job were headed to AC and invited me to join them. At that point we were all very low rollers so splitting gas and tolls four ways rather than three made a difference in our gambling BR.
It's 830:AM when they pick me up and tell me there is a change of plans.
Instead of going to Atlantic City, we are headed up to an Indian Casino in Connecticut. I'm not thrilled as I'd wanted to hit a particular boardwalk bar but what the hey.
Danny, the driver, explains he had dreamt that he was playing craps and couldn't lose. Said he had a vivid memory of walking away from the casino with a stack of hundreds. He was so sure it would happen, he said he'd take us out to Peter Lugers if he didn't win big.
So we get up there and he wanders the whole place before finding "the table".
He buys in and plays small waiting his turn with the dice. It takes awhile but he finally gets them.
I don't know the ins and outs of craps but he hit about ten numbers in a row and had a huge stack of chips. I know he wasn't playing the exotic bets and was playing full odds, but he might have had something else going on.
He hit the number he had dreamed about, lowered his bet and crapped out.
Cashed out and walked away with 23 hundred dollar bills. More than a months salary for him. On the way home, he treated us to Chili's.
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Quote: DJTeddyBear

Mission is right.

I never bet the junk in the middle. But had I been there, after four or five yos, I would have thrown a buck on it - along with the comment "I'll put an end to that..."

Creative! My comment would be something more generic like, "Can't help it."
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