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I am looking for some streak data for roulette or baccarat.

The information I am interested in is:

1)How many 3 streaks occur per 50 spins or baccarat shoe

2)The highest amount of 3 streaks that occur and how often this happens (once in how many spuns/ shoes)

3)The least amount of 3 streaks that occur and how often this happens.
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This is not a good forum for questions like this. If you want this information to perfect a betting system, the answers won't help you. You might try asking this over at John Patrick's forum.
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Quote: Dantheman

How many 3 streaks occur per 50 spins or baccarat shoe

There's no correct answer, if there were
the games would be easy to beat. You
can track 2000 spins and get an average for
50 spins, but it won't help because
in the short term anything can happen.
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1. 50/50
2. 50/50
3. 50/50

It happens or it doesnt
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i can give u some idea on this:

in 500 shoes, baccarrat, wizard's site data:
only 1b
only 2 b
1163 526 297 152 67 39 35 13 8 4 0 0 1 0 0

this is 1000 shoes:
9319 4595 2243 1152 588 336 144 65 43

this is 2000 shoes.
18681 9115 4759 2335 1182 547 287 277

by theory, this is the answer:
n any game of half and half by average in theory.
in 20,000(twenty thousand) hands. we win half and lose half. in this half winging and losing,
1 lose or 1 win: 2500 times.(25% of total winning or losing times.)
2 lose or 2 win: 1250 times.(half of above)
3 lose or 3 win: 625 time.(half of above)
4 lose or 4 win: 312.5 time.(half of above)
5 lose or 5 win: 156.25 time.(half of above)
6 lose or 6 win: 78.125time.(half of above)
7 lose or 7 win: 39.0625 time.(half of above)
8 lose or 8 win: 19.53125 time.(half of above)
9 lose or 9 win: 9.765625 time.(half of above)
10 lose or 10 win: 4.8828 time.(half of above)
11 lose or 11 win: 2.44 time.(half of above)
12 lose or 12 win: 1.22 time.(half of above)
13 lose or 13 win: 0.61 time.(half of above)
14 lose or 14 win: 0.305 time.(half of above)
15 lose or 15 win: 0.1525 time.(half of above)
it means also if 200,000 hands, there is 1.5525 times of winning or losing 15 times in streak.
also if 20 millions times, 4.7 times of 20 times.

so to the best to your question:
1) a lot or 0. and never chase it if it is 0. you may follow it when it is a lot.
2) there are sometimes, 15 streaks, it is 5*3. given enough quantity, there will be 3*15 streaks.
3) if into big number, it applies to big law of numbers, actually any pattern of human's sight will go to the law.

i took the same interest as u before,haha.
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also, because i did a lot of testing on this kind of thing, by several month, i guess in some time, i will write a long post on random things.

i give u another idea on this.

for roulette,
a number, it will disappear 10 times of the total: 10*37=370 times. more or less.

for 3 streak, the chance is 1/8, so it may disappear 80 times. after this time, it may appear once, but it may be hot or disappear another 60 times or so. the dissppearing is more likely to happen.

if 4 streaks. it may disappear 160 times or so.

and in fact, you can use excel to do this kind of test by yourself.
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Streaks in the short term (one night, day, weekend, etc) are essentially worthless. Human brains try to find patterns in everything and we get this false sense of "knowing what's coming" in gambling because the Banker won 3 hands in a row, or because black came up 3 times in a row on roulette. If you follow these "streaks" and try to bet opposite them or whatever, then you'll eventually lose your bankroll.
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Maths is the good thing. like most of blackjack pros. also many physicists, as i know, only except for Faraday (for magnet and electricity) , as i know.

i agree with it.

what i want to add is: human'nature of seeking patterns will cut house edge a little bit.like 0.5%, more or less.

like Baccarat, let's say 50,000 hands can show a general house edge,(maybe many will say, it is not enough. but if by betting B all the time, by 10*50,000 tests, the house edge is always about 1%, then we can say, 50,000 is ok.)

if we bet B after B all the time(picking up hands much more than 50,000 hands, untill betting time reaches 50,000 times), till it stops.(also after 3P, betting a B), or other patterns(not to bet player for any reason), the house edge is smaller than 1%. for many times(but still not all the time. we can say: pattern is not stable, but helps a lot.)

i cannot say if any pattern works for billions of hands, because i have no power to test it.
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Hello! :) Sory for my english

I often remind myself, everything that we call a coincidence, it is really material? :)
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2) 48
3) 0

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