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Quote: mason2386

If I am not mistaken, and I am alot, the OP stated he/she was in an Indian casino as a patron and was inquiring to the rule of dealing UTH. If that is correct, can it be agreed by all, that at Indian casino's, the proprietors sets the rules and we the gamer accept their rules by choosing to game there even if it goes against the common rules we regularly play by at non Indian casinos?

OP here. I'm a he. You are not mistaken.

Since I noticed a difference (sequence of card distribution) in the dealing UTH between having them hand dealt and using the SM shuffler, all I inquired about was "Is there a standard procedure/method to hand deal UTH?".

The answer is NO and obviously sequence doesn't matter. The casino can use whatever method it wants. Now I know. Thanks for the replies.

BTW - the casino is in Arizona near Tucson. There are only two, so take your pick. It's not important.
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I have played this game all over the world and on a variety of cruise ships. I have seen it dealt in a great variety of ways. I would totally agree with most of the posters here that it is a random ally shuffled deck of cards and the system of dealing will not change the odds of winning. If you really think it does you should play another game.
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Fully agree - There's no question that the overall game odds do not change: for a large multi-hand hand sample, the number of wins and losses (and its overall house edge) remain the same for full hands dealt overall.

What changes with the sequence of the cards being dealt within a hand is the partial hand compositions that can trigger wins and losses (like a "flop win" versus a win using the full community board) - on the progressive bet. Also changed is the raise and check calls, - and the amount won or lost from that, on whether or not you connect with the flop versus the river card, - this is changed by the community board display sequence. You can bet 2x on the flop, but only 1x on the river. The dealing sequence affects those chances within the same full hand dealt, - because the mid-round partial hands (and its decisions) are changed.

It is exactly this kind of stuff that can be the basis for player-to-casino disputes: Players can make claims very frequently. 99% of the time this is a non-issue, and all is fine.
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