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Quote: Allan99

At many of the Florida Dog Tracks there is no Ante Bonus period! When the Ante gets paid it just wins one bet at a lot of the Florida Dog Tracks. I read somewhere on the site where someone posted that the loss of the Ante Bonus is almost 5.3%.

All of the carnival games have revised payouts at the dog tracks because of the "player" banking and having to pay 2 entities rather than just the house. Horrible paytables, and bets that must beat the dealer to win as well (where normally it's just paid win or lose), for a net of many less wins at worse odds. I was excited to see they offered them until I saw the revisions, and so I don't play any of them.
If the House lost every hand, they wouldn't deal the game.
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Sorry to revive a post so old, but to offer a bit of perspective on the issue, I happen to work for one of the companies that "player banks" these games. As stated before, the reason for the seemingly generous payout tables is due to having to beat the dealer to win the pair plus bet, and the absence of the ante bonus.
To set the record straight, the companies banking these games, as well as the house would love to offer them using their original rules, however, the state of Florida has put restrictions on the games we can offer in that they must be strict "poker based" games. This means that when compared, one hand must win, lose, or tie completely. This restricts us from paying the pair plus on a hand, when the bank hand is a better hand.

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