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In another thread, we've been talking about who plays Pai Gow Poker and why, and it has led to the conclusion that different jurisdictions approach the game differently, as well as the players. Please chime in with what you've witnessed in your jurisdiction.

Eastern WA:

Fortune Pai Gow Poker, sometimes with Progressive 1. Waive commission on a $5 min Fortune bet. Banking is allowed every 7 or 12 hands. Must play the hand prior to banking, and may not exceed that wager.

EZ Pai Gow is seen at Northern Quest Casino. No banking.

Bonus is very popular here. Most people play at least $1 on it, many more.

Western WA:

Variety of Pai Gow games including Emperor's Challenge, Pai Gow'd and Progressive 1 Fortune. Many places waive commission unconditionally. Not sure what the banking rules are.

Bonus is not particularly popular here. Many do not bother with it, or only play $1 or $2 despite betting hundreds on the hand.

Las Vegas:

Golden Nugget offers Commission Free Pai Gow (bars the 9-high front hand) along with Progressive 2. No banking allowed, but some tables offer Dragon Hand.

Rio offers Fortune Pai Gow with Progressive 2. Commission is always taken. Not sure what the banker rules are.

Most casinos on the strip offer plain old Fortune Pai Gow.

Bonus is somewhat polarizing. Some bet $10 or more, some bet $1 or less.
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