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May 2nd, 2013 at 9:00:43 AM permalink
Side bets are awesome as long as it's not real money.

If it is "real money" the less the money means to the gambler, the more awesome side bets can be IMO.

Sometimes people will make stupid bets when they have lost 90% of their buy-in and literally just want to lose the last couple bucks so they can go and end up winning big.

The emotion of getting more lucky as a result of ignoring an edge is something that intelligent people are not as familiar with as those who really gamble with reckless abandon more often.
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99.99% of gamblers in a casino are in it for fun. Most do not understand the HE on side bets. I, as a recreational gambler, play the side bets despite knowing the HE because 1) It's fun 2) I play them for minimal amounts so they do not effect my bankroll 3) I can not win a large amount of money(6 figures and up) without playing them. How would you like to have the million dollar royal at the Caesars 3CP and not have had a simple $5 on it which has happened twice in AC. $5 will not effect in any major way my bankroll. if I have the bankroll for say 25 hands at 3CP, I would rather play 15 and have the side bet.
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I have yet to make a side bet for fear of recieving a Gibbs slap to the back of my head from the Wizard.
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