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Might have to wait on NBA/NHL. Assuming the arena plan gets through all the bureaucratic BS (word on the street is that it's already a done deal) - Seattle is a much larger market and will probably get preference.

You never know though...
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The Toronto Blue Jays' farm team is the Las Vegas 51s.
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Quote: DJTeddyBear

Wow. I hadn't thought of the implications of the Jets & Giants, or the Superbowl.

For the record, the closest entry to MetLife Stadium is less than 50 yards from the entrance to Meadowlands Racetrack, where the sports book will be located.

It would be a no brainer for tailgaters to stop at the book prior to going to the stadium.

Hell, are there any bets available after the game begins? They are so close that it would be easy to place a bet during halftime and not miss the game.

Good thing the new stadium is about 200 yards closer to the track!

Nevada has mobile sports betting through Leroy's and Cantor. That technology exists, and I would think it would eventually find its way to NJ. You would not have to leave your seat to make a halftime wager.
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I believe this will be quite a battle with the feds. The sports leagues will be applying all kinds of pressure on the govt to make this go away. If this does start in the fall I don't think it will be on a grand scale. At least not in the beginning. I don't see any type of mobile betting. I think that would be putting the cart before the horse.
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Quote: Gabes22

Thanks for all your answers. I do agree with many of them. One thing I do feel though, is that even in transplant towns like Phoenix winning seems to trump all.

I don't think there is one overarching reason. Primarily they were late to the buffet. The city was much smaller only 15-20 years ago, and the stakes of bringing in professional sports have grown exponentially in that time. The municipal organization of the county is more fractured than many places (like Phoenix). The city itself is not very rich, and all the expensive resorts are in areas like Paradise.

The resort companies object stridently to using public funds to build an arena that would compete with the arenas they built with private funds. Effectively football and baseball are too expensive, and they care a lot about the gambling. The hope was that hockey or basketball would be more likely.

Major League Soccer may be a possibility, but many people don't care.

Oscar Goodman had the idea that Vegas would be a good neutral place for Monday night football. The logic was that there would be plenty of hotel rooms on Monday night, and cheap airfare for any visitors in the country. NFL didn't care much for the idea.
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Quote: zippyboy

Because it's too damn hot for outdoor sports.

Phoenix has an NBA team and an NFL team and an MLB team and an NHL team.

My guess at the first professional sports team in Las Vegas would be MLS. But it has yet to achieve popular ranking as a "Major Sports" league.

I would like to see a soccer-specific stadium built just so we could get WC qualifiers and, God willing, host World Cup group matches next time around. But it won't happen without an MLS team...

PPL Park in Philadelphia:

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