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I was informed by my compadres that a famous annual quarter horse race at Sam Houston, which was supposed to feature the 10 fastest quarter horses in the country, ran into a snafu when eight of the 10 finalists tested positive for drugging after hair samples were used for testing.

After a delay, the race administrators said the horses could run, but that there would be no wagering and all horses would be re-tested after the race. Due to these rules, the trainers chose to not run seven of the horses. Three ran, one of whom obviously had had a failed test before the race. So a 700K prize, which is gigantic for quarter horses, was split among the three remaining horses who actually ran. The horse that had previously failed the test but ran was retested with that purse chunk pending the test result.

And that pretty much sums up the current state of American horse racing, quarter horses and thoroughbreds alike.
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I'm not that familiar with quarter horse racing. In the 1970s, some folks built a monstrosity of a track on Long Island for 1/4 horses. The project was delayed and went well over budget so the original owners were forced out.
When it finally opened several years later, the traffic jam was so insane that an armored car carrying the money for betting was two hours late so racing had to be delayed.
It didn't even last a season and attempts to revive it also failed.
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A strange thing about Parr Meadows was they didn't offer traditional betting. Only Quinellas. I think it had something to do with the rules regulating horse racing at the time.
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