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This was discussed briefly on GambleOn and is an interesting question.

What odds would you need to get on the coin flip prop to consider making a bet? Not talking about making a "fun" bet where you hardly care, but as a prop you want to win over time.

Sure, mathematically +101 would give you an edge, but what moneyline would it take to get you to lay a few bucks.

NOTE: Assume it is not part of a parlay of any kind. Just a straight up prop.

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Interesting question.

A major consideration would be the frequency of the wagers. For example, if I have to wait a week between bets (think football), I'd need a larger edge than if I could bet 100 times per hour (think blackjack). If I could bet 10,000 times per hour (think USPaperGames' hypothetical slot machine), then I'd be satisfied with a very small edge, particularly considering the low variance of the outcomes.

I suppose for the three scenarios outlined above, I'd play with minimum edges of around 10%, 1%, and 0.01%.

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