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I'm a very occasional and very low stakes prop better, which may be why I don't understand what happened here, so I'm hoping someone can explain:
I bet on the Bovada prop bet "(Match) Total Number of Penalties Made in the Game by Both Teams" - "Over 12.5 (+120)" This was the exact wording, copied and pasted from the bet. Per the NFL official game summary, there were 12 accepted and 3 declined penalties, for a total of 15 penalties MADE by both teams. 15 being OVER 12.5, the bet was originally graded a win at 7:29PM and paid, but at 8:47PM, the win was negated in my account and the bet regraded a loss, which is what it remains today.

In reading some pre-game articles about this prop bet, it appears some casinos word the bet as "accepted" penalties only, but Bovada did not word it this way. Why does Bovada consider this a loss?
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Total number of penalties seems pretty clear. Where is the penalty in a declined flag? If I line up offside but the other team declines the penalty, it never happened.
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Towards the end, the Patriots received two penalties on one play. It was announced that one was accepted, and the other declined. However, before the next play went off, the Rams realized that they needed to decline the penalty to get a loss of down but it wasn't announced. Maybe that adjustment made a difference?

If it was worded exactly as you stated, I think you should ask them for a review.
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