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Quote: lilredrooster

re stud fees and the cost of horses it's fun to look back at the times things didn't pan out and the rich guys got creamed. the green monkey, was a descendant of secretariat and northern dancer and he was sold in 2006 when he was 2 years old for $16 million. he never won a race. he finished 4th, 4th and 3rd in maiden races and then retired. lol

Yes! While going off at odds of 4/5, then 1/1, and finally & stubbornly 6/5. The only tickets ever cashed in his illustrious career returned a profit of $0.80 on a $2 show wager. I remember him mostly because at the time I thought he could possibly become the greatest ever... source of ongoing serial horsey jokes, an involuntary gag that just kept on giving chuckles (for those who weren't betting the rent money on him at 4/5) on track-critter blogs and boards and a brand newfangled thing called Twitter and whatnot.

"Oh, remember this day for eternity! Greatest horse in history of universe (that has never run) magnificently got off a van! Is now in a real stall at actual track!"

"Egads, the soon to become greatest ever worked out! Slowly. But most awesome job of LEAVING HIS FEEDBAG that could ever happen!"

Etc, etc, carrying on with snarky ridicule like that for months, starting long before the grand regal equine celebrity was finally taken to post to "run" producing a chart note of "weakened" amidst a sea of crumpled tickets and the odor of $16 million becoming vapor, and finally about enough earnings to rent a van to haul His Most Excellent Exalted Simian Royal Splendid Greeness away.
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I dont suspect any race fixing with Arrogate for $1 million in show bets. The thought did occur only some gentleman's bet between billionaires would be enough as a motive or if somehow some contract was broken by not doing good in the race.
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