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September 25th, 2010 at 2:57:04 PM permalink
I know this is last-minute, but can someone point me to the most comfortable, least smoky Las Vegas sportsbook? I want to go watch the Boise State/Oregon State game tonight. Thanks!
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If you are on the Strip, I would choose Caesars Palace.
Downtown, Golden Nugget
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Good question. It would be nice is at least one was non-smoking. In general, go for a large one with a high ceiling. Caesars would fit that bill well. I would not choose the Hilton, despite having those properties. That place seems to attract a lot of chain-smoking locals. You can definitely rule out any downtown sports book. The Golden Nugget has the best downtown book, but it is still very smokey.

While I bet a lot of sports, I just run in and out. I cannot think of a single time I just sat in one to watch a game. So, I'm not the best one to ask, but I would submit for your consideration the Bellagio. Big, open, and the seats are comfortable and far apart.
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I would second Caesars.
Downtown Vegas least smoky is at The Plaza. If I had to choose, I'd end up on the strip vs. downtown.
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I like the Mirage sportsbook for that reason--since it's near both the poker room and the pizza joint, not much smoke drifts into it. The Bellagio is good for the same reason--it's almost completely blocked off by the non-smoking poker room.

Go Beavers! by the way, though I think they're going to get their clocks cleaned.
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