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Hi, I hope posting doesn't break any house rules but I thought this might be of interest to members.

I don't know if anyone here is familiar with the Westgate's 'Supercontest'... It's basically a massive pick'em competition they've run for years. It costs $1,500 to enter and you have to make 5 picks a week. Last year the winners won over $900,000.

This year the The Sport Pick website is running a freeroll satellite to next years 'Supercontest'. The Sport Pick is a sports betting game where people don't deposit but just use play money and compete in sports 'betting' leagues. The free roll involves getting $10,000 of play money and whoever turns it into the most play money by end of the NFL season while betting $50-250 at least 100 times total on point spreads and point totals wins.

In case any one is interested the instructions are below:

The Sport Pick FREE ENTRY ‘SuperContest Satellite’

The SuperContest is, of course, one of the most famous betting competitions in the world, run by the Westgate in Las Vegas. Every year thousands of people play their famous pick’em, with last years winners pocketing over $900,000!

The cost of participating in this competition? A cool $1,500!

Fancy playing the SuperContest but don't have $1,500 to blow? We’re giving away an entry to next years SuperContest to the winner of our FREE ENTRY competition!

Rules of Play:

Entry is free.
Every player gets $10,000 of play money.
Place at least 100 bets of $50-$250 play money throughout season on point spreads or point totals.


The person that ends up with the most play money wins entry to the 2017 SuperContest!

EVERY player finishing with a higher win ratio than the winner of the real 2016 SuperContest wins a bonus of $100 cash!

Instructions for sign up:


1. Visit and register for free. You'll require only an email address and whatever name you choose to give yourself, nothing else!

2. Once you've registered, confirmed your email address and logged in, on the left of the site click on "Existing Leagues", then enter ‘SuperContest Satellite', press the search button, and click join on the right hand side of the ‘SuperContest Satellite' league.


1. From the day before the NFL season you'll be able to access the games and league by logging into your Sport Pick account then going to the "My Leagues" section on the left hand side.

2. Your bets must bet $50-$250 and throughout the season you must place at least 100 bets to qualify.

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