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Quote: FunkyDoctor

December 2, 1985. Monday Night Football. The 12-0 Chicago Bears who had crushed everything in their path were only 2 point favorites playing at the 8-4 Miami Dolphins, who had looked very average most of the season by Dolphin standards. It seemed to me like the line was just flat wrong. I bet very big for me at the time on Chicago giving the 2 points.

Miami pretty much had the game won by halftime and I felt sick for about a week.

It went on to be the only game Chicago would lose all season on their way to s Superbowl championship.

If I recall correctly, the Miami sideline was filled with the guys from the undefeated season and coach Shula. It was the last chance(maybe a 14 game season back then?) for anyone to beat the Bears so the story went and Dolphin players and fans wanted to avoid the record being shared. A lot of fever in the stands too.
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I don't remember exactly what NFL teams but in the 90's, sitting in the Stardust lounge watching the game with friends, I was counting my money from a sports bet while the clock was ticking down. I said to my friends, the only way I can lose this is if the other team blocks this field goal attempted and runs it back for a touchdown. That's exactly what happen.

I just laughed and it didn't bother me, it was almost fun to watch. I imagine people who had the other side were absolutely ecstatic.
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