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Quote from an interview done by a radio station in New York:

"But the New Jersey lawmaker who wrote the betting legislation said he plans to introduce a bill that would repeal all laws prohibiting sports betting. State Sen. Raymond Lesniak, D-Union, said he hoped the U.S. Justice Department wouldnft challenge it, which he said would be consistent with its stance in other areas.

gArenft they selling marijuana in Colorado and Washington?h he asked. gIsnft that against federal law?

gNothing stops us from repealing all our gambling laws on sports betting as long as we donft regulate it, as long as we donft promote it,h Lesniak told WCBS 880s Monica Miller.

Lesniak said last week that if the Supreme Court rejected the case, he would move ahead to sanction sports betting in time for Week 1 of the NFL season.

gIfm not saying eone day.f Ifm saying eSeptember,fh Lesniak said Thursday on WFANfs gBoomer & Cartonh show.

gLetfs get it done now and accept reality as it is,h he added"
DO NOT blindly accept what has been spoken. DO NOT blindly accept what has been written. Think. Assess. Lead. DO NOT blindly follow.
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Just a question of when, not if. I used to hustle Irish sweepstakes tickets in high school. Used to get speed tickets trying to make the first race at the horse track. Daily double was the only exotic bet. I was 22 when beat the dealer came out. And you had to go to Vegas to play BJ. Used to teach polish women from Dundalk, a suburb of Baltimore to play BJ on the bus to AC. So they could sit and $1 BJ table to get free drinks. Slot player could not get a free drink or a stool to sit on l

The Times they are a changing. I remember when Don King showed up as as boxing promoter. He has done 2terms in prison. The second for beating a man to death who owed him money. But all you ever read in papers or saw on tv was he was a convicted numbers runner. WOW. I was in that noble profession at one time. I paid 700 to I. The state now pays 500-1. I was stealing the 50 cents from some poor mother, instead of her buying milk for her babies. The state is building wonderful parks. It is a civic duty to but tickets.

Jimmy the Greek, a nice guy who got drunk and tried to impress a reporter's gf and lost everything, was not allowed to give his line on tv. He would say he expected a team to win by a touchdown, or 2 field goals lol.
Shed not for her the bitter tear Nor give the heart to vain regret Tis but the casket that lies here, The gem that filled it Sparkles yet
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Quote: Buzzard

The second for beating a man to death who owed him money.


Do you recall how much money it was?
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