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Quote: Wizard

Quote: Theguyoverthere

I know the Wizard said he’s designed or consulted on slot machines, I wonder if he could chime in to clarify if all slot machines that depict reels actually use reel strips (regardless of how long they are, they are still one continuous reel) that maybe sometimes are augmented with extra wilds, etc for some of the fancier games?

Or are some slot machines doing other things such as deciding “1/100 chance of a bonus, if yes then show 3 bonus symbols” rather than each symbol just being an option on a continuous strip?
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In general the reels determine the outcome, not the other way around. In some games, like Ocean Magic, other factors, like a rising bubble, override some positions on the reels. There is other gaffing that goes on, but it is the exception, not the rule.
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the wizard recently made this statement and i would like to get a thread together which is about legal "gaffing"

is there any more you can tell us about?
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