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March 30th, 2023 at 11:14:00 AM permalink
Lets say it's a huge uncapped Major and you want to try for it.

2 theories I've read:
- The Major is predetermined (ie: slot already knows at what amount it will give the Major)
- It's random. Every spin has a chance but higher bet amounts has a higher chance of hitting

if it's predetermined, then max betting will have no effect in the chances of hitting. it'll just get you there faster at the cost of higher variance.

if it's random, then max betting is worth the higher variance. Plus some slots give max bets a slighter higher RTP.
(ie: game is set to 90%. min bet will have a slighter lower than the 90% avg, max bet will have a slightly higher RTP than 90%)

Which is right?
If both are, which slot manufacturer prefers the random method?
Craps is paradise (Pair of dice). Lets hear it for the SpeedCount Mathletes :)

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