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Is the machine "due"? No. However, if over the course of many, many months and trips to the casino you notice the mini on Rakin Bacon resets at $10.00 on an $0.88 bet, and historically the average after hundred of trackings of this progressive, you see it averages around $18.88 before it hits, and you walk by and it's at $32, I feel its as worth a good of a play as anything in the casino. I am using the mini just as an example. I have hit these progressives many times doing this, I have also burnt thru the bankroll I was willing to lose trying to trip it, but I feel like its as good as a strategy as just picking any random slot in the casino.

Yes, one could argue how many hundreds or thousands of dollars were spent watching it go from $18.88 to $32, but as I said, better to me than just a lucky guess.
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for rakin bacon, i saw the mini at $100+.
i burned through $500 at max bet ($8.88?) before i gave up.
maybe i should have min bet?
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I bet Ive tracked that machine an estimated 500 times. Ive NEVER seen the mini above $53 EVER! Id say thats just bad luck if this wasnt an exaggerated story to make a point.
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i guess your casino has the machine set to a higher payout than my casino?
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In regards to 88 Fortunes, I too have been tracking these progressives for years and I can tell you that the Minor (which starts at $50 and maxes out at $125) *appears* to be a play at above $105. I have played it 3 or 4 times recently at around $106Ish and made money on it. I suggest you play only 3 gold symbols, which I think is 38 credits, as that is all you need to bet to be eligible for the Minor jackpot. Also, for what itís worth, I have found more often than not if I have 2 minor symbols on the screen if I wait 30 seconds for the machine to auto-select it will pick the third Minor. I donít know why this is. I know that bonus is predetermined, but it is an interesting quirk I have noticed.

The Mini (which starts at $20 and maxes out at $45) I have seen go up to $45 then reset to $45 after it was hit, then reset to $29ish after it was hit the second time.

The Major (which starts at $500 and am pretty sure is not capped) I have seen go up to $2400ish about 3 times over the years, but it rarely goes above $1200.

The Grand (which starts at $5000 and also has no ceiling I believe) I have seen go as high as $11,300+ 4 times over the years, and one at my local is currently up to $12600ish. They rarely go above $10,000.

These are for standalone progressive machines. For linked progressives, I have seen the $10,000 Grand go up to about $38,000ish at itís highest. But I havenít monitored them much as they are not in venues around me.

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