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October 25th, 2019 at 7:33:05 AM permalink
I'm sure plenty of members of this forum made decent money from the variable state games OM/GE/MP that were launched online in default EV+ positions this year. There was another great one called Bowling Frenzy which was fun while it lasted, it's since been relaunched with more modest default positions.

I'm reaching out because I have a potential opportunity I found with a couple of online slots along similar lines as those plays. It's an interesting one. I have definitely found a design flaw which is clear as day and occurs 100% of the time once you know how to trigger it. Between AP stuff and other business commitments I don't have the time to gather data from it and figure out whether it's EV+ or not to play the game from the default position. I'm pretty sure this game will be available in America (I am UK based).

I'm hoping to find someone with an established reputation who would be willing to analyse the game properly and share the results with me. Anyone who is interested let me know here.

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