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Hello, I've gotten some awesome mailers from __*name removed*__ for Video Poker and have pegged them for quite a bit this month (I just hit my 3rd RF in a week, $1800 progressive). I'm a quarter VP player and take advantage of all to the multiplier days

I want these awesome mailers to continue! But playing only their best VP machines is sure to raise some red flags (I've heard that *name removed* is not very friendly to AP's). Now, I'm mainly just playing .25cent denomination. Should I be concerned about being no-mailed?

I figure I'll throw some money at some slots to disguise my VP play. Does anybody know of a lower-variance slot game where I can get a lot of coin-in with just around $100? Also, would it be better to play NOT on one of the 10x Slots days? Thanks!
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Hmm, obviously machine based players will be your best for responding, but to get your thread rolling I'll throw in my two cents. Are you doing this full time, or is this a weekend warrior scenario? If it's the latter I might not worry about giving up the EV to the slots.

Next, would you give up that negative EV and play slots/etc if you hadn't hit a royal in 3 cycles and were down a ton to them? All the same you'd be only playing "good" machines and run the risk of getting no mailed, while being down a lot. Just something to think about.

Next, have you thought of possibly just playing the worse VP games in house? Basically, if you always play 99%+ VP games, instead of playing a "decent" 90% payback slot (IF YOU CAN EVEN IDENTIFY ONE), why not play some 'awful' 95% payback VP? Then you won't show that you're playing only the good games, as well as save a lot of negative EV and variance.

Finally, if you are going to play the slots for cover, I'd try to focus on must hits/etc, where you can still play with an advantage or hopefully close to break even. Run your card through those when the Must Hits are at a good number and you're at an advantage anyways. Personally, I usually assess a "random" slot I don't know about to be state min or 85% return. Over time if you learn machines, or actually map the reels you can learn the payouts for a more precise calculation.

Double Finally - I'd assume it sounds like you do most of your playing on a card... Well inevitably I'd presume they'd see you're a winner. With the variance in VP you could last longer than some table games (again I don't claim to be a machine expert) but I'd think if you showed consistent profit year over year that would be a red flag like any other AP? So you might want to consider how long you've been at it with them, how much you're up, if you feel you're anywhere near the ban hammer coming down, etc... and weight that against throwing more potential -EV out there.
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Plenty of things you can do. First thing you might want to consider is to not name the Casino in these threads. Perhaps be a little more vague and beat around the bush. Look for Progressive Slots and learn them. I think your dreaming a little when you only want to put in 100 dollars worth of action and try to survive for a very long time. One of your best friends is to spread your play out if that makes sense. You can show monster loss when you do this the right way. Consider playing both sides in the Dice Pit and in Baccarat and consider having a friend. I'm told Black Jack is break even just playing basic strategy... you could mix that in as well. Let your play fall off from time to time and go play elsewhere. Don't always play on point day... duh :) !! If your worried about it... only put X amount of coin in and remember that this is only one property... you have other choices with the same edge or better. Would you rather have 100k in at one Casino or 10x in at 10 different properties? They also have Bubble Craps which is eligible for the promotion and easier to play both sides... right?
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An idea if you're looking to give up some EV for cover....play any table game, preferably with a low or 0 house edge, and rathole chips to make your losses look much higher than they are.

FWIW I've never done this so your mileage may vary, but the objective would be to paint yourself as a losing player who gets lucky on VP.

I'm generally doing the opposite, playing table games at an edge and putting a bit through slots to look a little more plopped like. I'm not sure how much it really matters in my situation, I fall into the "weekend warrior" category (or degenerate category according to certain card counters). So I'm not particularly worried about a bit of -EV play, plus I secretly enjoy slots.
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Quote: Romes

Finally, if you are going to play the slots for cover, I'd try to focus on must hits/etc, where you can still play with an advantage or hopefully close to break even.

Playing advantage slots can have you flagged also.

When playing slots for cover, I choose non-advantage games.

Some games are more stable than others (lower variance, but little chance of big wins).
e.g. "Buy a Bonus" Diamonds of the Sea for $100 usually returns $80-120. 35 spins with retriggers. Never hits really big, but very stable. Rarely returns $60 or $140.

It has $20 and $40 "Buy a bonus" also, but I didn't try them.
I sometimes use this game to cash out FP & continue playing even after my FP is gone.

"Buy A Bonus" Acorn Pixie is terrible.
Haven't tried Butterfly Fairy.

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Do the pickup days coincide with the point multiplier days? If not, what and how much do you play when you pick up the awesome FP mailers? How much play history do you have at this location? If it hasn't been that long, there's a chance the mailers will go down once they have a better calculation of your ADT.
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It has nothing to do with the exact machine you play, but with the theoretical earnings potential for the house that you accumulate in the ratings system. When your comps and freeplay exceed your accumulated theoretical during a given 90 day or YTD time period you could find yourself on thin ice with many casinos. If you want to boost your player profile you have to find the best mix of low house edge and high theoretical. The best games for that are usually banks of video poker without full pay games but that has a few games in the next tier of VP quality and a bunch of other truly rotten games.
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