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On our last trip, both my wife & I got a kick out of playing Buffalo Stampede. The sounds were thrilling, and the 3-D effect of Buffaloes running right into you was heralding.

On this trip, we were entranced watching some middle-aged women chanting "Big Prize! Big Prize!" They had both left & right hand fingers outstretched as if ready for a cat fight. This was "Crazy Money". You'll have to pay full credits (like playing VP) to engage the bonus features - depending on the machine, this will be either $1.60 or $3.00 per pull (larger pots for larger $ pulls). The sounds are great, graphics pop out of the wall, and the interaction is contagious.

When you get the right combinations, it will trigger a "SkyWheel" to activate. This is where most adult behavior falls apart. The screens are large, as in maybe 10 ft wide by 5 ft high, and it's just mesmerizing to see dollar bills fall out of the sky. The SkyWheel spins always stop a small crowd.

The more bills you can capture (with your nails or finger tips), the more credits you can earn. It's just a trip to watch the ladies reach out for all those dollar bills. Wifey got maybe $95 on one pull.
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