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According to the Wizard, betting on multiple lines has no effect on the pay out or the edge. I have watched some YouTube videos of Natasha Dow Schull talking about her book Addiction by Design and she claims that the purpose of lines is to "smooth" the gaming experience of slots. I am curious to learn if anyone has calculated this effect.

As you increase the number of lines from 1 to 50, how does this effect the standard deviation?

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It helps you get to the long run quicker.
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Since hands 2+ are based on the same starting hand, I don't think they should be considered "random".

Consider this:

There is a 1M play machine. Over his lifetime, Player A chooses to play one line on it for 1M pulls, while Player B chooses to invest his entire lifetime bankroll and play 1M lines in one pull.

Are the standard deviations for these two approaches the same?
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Thanks for this post from:
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Quote: longtimelancer

According to the Wizard, betting on multiple lines has no effect on the pay out or the edge...

The Wizard answers your question about the effect of number of lines on standard deviation here.
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Assuming same bet of 1 coin, fewer lines like 10-lines will have higher SD than 25-line game or more

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