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Here is an advantage play I never heard of before. I'll let the video speak for itself.

Here is a good article on the same topic: Russians Engineer a Brilliant Slot Machine Cheat—And Casinos Have No Fix.

Before you get your hopes up, I strongly feel modern slots by the big makers like IGT and Aristrocrat are too sophisticated for the RNG to be hacked. For one thing, I hear they draw thousands of random numbers a second -- too fast for anybody to react to a "bet now" prompt. For another, I hear they are seeded with white noise, meaning the kind of snow pattern you saw on TV that didn't get a particular channel. Sorry, I think only those old-timers like me and Doc will have a concept of television that didn't pick up every channel.

However, casinos in less financially-endowed countries tend to have older machines that are more likely to be much less sophisticated in terms of drawing random numbers.

I'd be especially interested in MathExtremist's thoughts on this topic.
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Quote: Wizard

Sorry, I think only those old-timers like me and Doc will have a concept of television that didn't pick up every channel.

Naturally, I have to reply. As I recall, our TV had a rotory mechanical switch (dial) for selecting among the 12 possible channels (2-13), and we were ecstatic when a second station began to broadcast and give us variety and options. Of course, those two stations were only on the air for part of the day.
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When I worked at GLI, I know one input for the seed on IGT machines relied on human action: during the setup procedure, it would tell the operator to do something, like push a certain button for more than 2 seconds. It would use the number of milliseconds the button was pushed as one of the inputs. There were a few other inputs as well, but I don't recall what.

I also don't recall the number of cycles per second, but it seemed to me that it would have been damn near impossible to time.
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I don't think RNG hackers would be successful to hack the slot machine. If you have read about the russian hacker who manage to win big on slot machine. He only play older slot machine because it is vulnerable to hack. He invested time and money to hack those slot machines.
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Yes. All what they can do, is got reels set for some slot machine (but lose more time for it). That is one of them website ml . They target is only sell "stable" methot for winning in slot machines to stupid players (and cheat them against).
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