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I am about my limit on these machines. The best I ever done was 2 weeks ago. I put in $10 (free play) from the card. First hit and spin on a triple read hot 7's was 3x red 7 red 7 for $240. (playing 2 credits at once). I waited about 5 min spin again got $10. Did it one more time $10 then got 0 0. So $260 on $10 free play. I put $5 INTO 2 25c machines lost real fast and walked out. Went back 3 days later lost $320 or so quick. Last time I went to the casino. It went like this. I ended up putting 3 $20s into that triple red hot 7 machine and only ended up getting one 2X credit hit. THen I put $100 into the thing. The first thing hit again was a 2X credit, then 50 spins in a row I might have either gotten 1 more 2x or at most 1 5x credit hit during all that. I went to the 3 credit version. I hit 1 5x credit hit and got nothing else the whole $100. Then went to double diamond machine and put $100 in. I got one 10X hit, 2 4x hits and nothing else. I put $360 of my own money into the machine got maybe $40 back which I replayed and lost. What fun is it hitting max credits 50 times in a row and get $0. When I was done with that machine, I grabbed my players card and ripped it out of the machine and threw it into the wall and walked out thinking I wouldn't come back. I played on going on new years eve to play but since I lost that much that fast I didn't go.

I went back today New years day. Same damn thing happened basically. The highest thing I got was 5x. I put $60 into that red hot 7 machine and maybe got 1 3x symbol for $4 I put $100 into the double diamond machine and got 2 4x hits and 1 2x hit playing max credits. I moved to 3x 4x 5x double machine. I put $100 into it. I hit 1 2x symbol after about $40 spent. Then I got down to $30 left in the machine and hit 2x 4x bar for $160 and cashed out for $190 down $70 and got the hell out. I have a big problem pushing the button 20-50 times and not get $0. This isn't a machine like the 12 times pay machine where if you do hit something it is automatically large. Should I be playing the $5 slots where atleast maybe 1 out of 5 times hitting the button I actually land on something, even if it is the lowest thing on the machine? I can't keep going 20-50 pushes and then getting the lowest thing on the machine possible.
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so... what have you learned from your experiences?
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I like your strategy!! You got crushed playing dollar reels... ok ok I know what to do!! I should play 5 dollar reels cause they are much looser and the casino is just giving it away! Now I suggest if you lose a lot at 5 dollar reels you better step up even higher. It's the old " play higher till you get there" strategy. You'll be fine, just don't panic! Didn't you see the hitchhikers guide to the galaxy??
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Better start rubbing the machine.
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