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Quote: sabre

Absurd. You can have a skill based game where the maximum payout is less than 100%

It seems like other than poker and perhaps a few other games the casinos hate having any game where a skilled players can gain an advantage, even if it's a player funded advantage. Aside from skill games this type of thinking really limits game manufacturers and casinos from all kinds of interesting and fun slots and other games they could introduce to the casinos.

Aside from skill games, I have no idea what they are thinking with all the new vulture type games they put out now where just about anyone with a few shekels in their pocket can easily make some money. This attracts some really sketchy people, and lots of them. Many of these guys have no shame and are absolutely terrible for the casinos. Most of the money probably goes on drugs and other b*******.

If the casinos really want build a bonus banking type slot machines they should really make it where are you need more than a few bucks in your pocket to get started.
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Absolutely agree with you. It's either "thinking" games like e.g. poker or slots for dumb luck. Although I really wish there were more skill based machines it's probably more for gaming, not gambling.
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Many states have declared skill based gaming machines as non gambling gaming.
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