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Quote: Mobcasinos

If malfunctioning always occurs in a casino then that's very suspicions. They might be using those excuses to escape from paying the customer his winnings. They also should shut down the particular machine to undergone a maintenance.

Good point. Also people would go into fight mode if they are denied winnings because of a slot machine malfunction. Them fighting for the winnings should be within reason.

For example, a customer puts in $1 in Coyote Moon at 10 lines times 10 and gets a retriggered bonus, in one of the games, he gets all 25 Coyote Moons which is the highest paying symbol for $1000. He also gets a full screen of deers which is $400. He also gets other good line hits and all in all, he ends up with $1600. The casino says they will not pay him the $1600 because of a slot machine malfunction. It would be reasonable for him to fight for $1600.

It would not be reasonable for him to fight if the Coyote Moon slot said he won 8 million as Coyote Moon does not pay 8 million. The most it pays is around $4,000 if you were max betting. The most you get playing $1 is $1,000 with all of the Coyote Moons. So you would automatically know that you did not win 8 million on a machine that does not pay that high.
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