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Bottom line and solution to this thread is simple

All slot machines are delivered and operate with a hardware chip set for payback percentage - plain and simple end of story

88 fortunes has progressives which means that any given time regardless of the bet, anyone can win the Grand highest amount shown. Could it be hit 2x in a row? Absolutely is can be won 2x in a row.

However there is the story to be known about volatility. Volatility means that the machine is more likely to suck money in more than you get paid out. 88 fortunes is rated as a 4-5 on the volatility scale. Have you noticed that it normally very hard to get the free spin bonus with 3 green dongs (symbols) in column 1,2,3. And almost every time you hit the bonus round you get a nice payback. That is called volatility my friends. I am currently at the cosmopolitan in Las Vegas and have already sunk almost 2k into one machine of 88 fortunes .5 cent denomination. Almost all spins were at 26.4 a spin. Not once did i get a bonus round, however i did get the pot to close 2x. Mini 1x for 29.xx and minor for 64.xx. It helped by keeping me in the game, however I ended up losing it all. Back in January I actually came out on top leaving while up a little over 6k when I walked away with cash in hand. Mind you I started with $1,500 - got lucky and hit 6k in a bonus round and should have stopped when i hit that because I was only invested 620.00, however I started to play 3 machines all together. That 6k hand pay did allow me luckily to get a 1,800.00 hand pay and a 1,200 hand pay. Sounds good right? Nope its not. i went up to my room with a little over 6k in cash, however taxes were not taken out of the hand pays which means I would owe uncle Sam at least 30% = 1,800 + 540 + 360 = $2,700
Yep welcome to paying taxes - luckily I have loses I can claim this year.

Bottom line is simply this "88 fortunes is high volatile and hard to get a decent payout while playing. Playing minimum bet may get you the top progressive payout (highly unlikely), however the max bet will almost always pay a high return in the bonus round."

This game is not a strike quick bonus round unless you get lucky, but hopefully you are playing max bet as returns on 8.80 bets are almost always 80-110 times your bet.

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