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This game has 4 leveled jackpots. You will see each diamond has a different value. White will reset at $25, green $125, blue $500, red I believe $15,000. True except only if you bet 5 credits. If someone bets 1 credit, they're prize will be the reset plus 20% of the increase from the advertised amount from the reset amount difference. Each machine will show different amounts based on the lines bets, but if won all are reset to the base.

So for example, the white jackpot is $30, but you decide to bet 2 lines and win $12. All machines are reset in the bank. I understand how it fits with regulations being bet proportional, but I don't understand how the higher bets lose their value completely. The only place I have ever played this game is Rivers Pittsburgh, so can't be sure if it's this way everywhere or just there. Where does all the extra money go? Bear in mind there are no rules explaining the game and it is supposed to all be implied I suppose and no explicit promises made. Is this a case of people just imagining someone should win what is advertised on the giant screens the whole casino sees?
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