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Quote: Ayecarumba

What if it was set up as an electronic game, with players on touch screens playing against a house hand, or just a VP paytable of qualifying hands? The discards wouldn't need to be physcally accounted for, and the hand evaluations would be fast and accurate. I could see this being a successful VP variant, but working out the paytable with three cards being discarded might be very tricky.

It is something I had considered. But the maths is just beyond me. I am still looking into it, but cannot afford proffesional mathematical evaluations, and didnt want to impose it on the community here and try and wangle a freebie.

As a table game it is fraught with too many procedural problems to work. But thanks for all your responses.
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Quote: MathExtremist

I don't know how you'd turn a player-banked game into a moneymaker. The model in the house-banked table game industry is to charge a lease fee per table per month on the basis that the house win will increase relative to a (lease-free) blackjack table. Certain very successful games, such as Three Card Poker, can command in excess of $1000/month, but that's because they win a *lot* more than blackjack tables do. If your game is "just another poker-room game", it's not obvious to me how the casino would make incremental revenue and therefore justify giving you any of it.

I admittedly don't focus on card-room games for this reason, but short of charging more rake or extra time-charge, etc., I don't see how your player-banked game would make the casino more money than a hold'em table. Perhaps if you created a game that generated more gambling action (like Derek Webb's bi-directional poker game was claiming to do at G2E this year), you could generate more rake. But even then, if the rake is capped then there's not much room for improvement.

Now, if you had turned it into a house-banked game, that's a different story. But house-banked games with discards are fraught with peril...

The drop on house backed poker games here in Colorado is lower than Bj tables or plaer backed poker tables. The only poker based game here is 3 card poker. So i wonder if the $1,00 is to attract additional revenue versus higher drop than BJ?
Can you state a site when I can verify this either way ?

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