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I have not confirmed this with anyone yet, but i have some stories to tell which someone else may have experienced.

First off this is PokerStars and an Online Digital BlackJack. Someone who should have done testing although covering every device within your tests is impossible. The rules are located at https://www.starsmtairycasino.com/games/blackjack/atlantic-city/ and https://www.starsmtairycasino.com/games/blackjack/atlantic-city/

also im on a Samsung Tablet if that makes anyone feel any better

Here's the thing. I love playing blackjack. Just love it so much I just don't care about losing most of the time.So these issues, and the fact that I keep playing is completely at the fault of me if I lose any more money.

OCCASIONALLY, the software truly glitches. As in the becomes "out of sync".

I define out of sync as in the animations do not play out as if they should have played out. MOST of the time its something small but still a significant bug IMO. Most of the time something such as this happens - The options to bet and place a bet do not appear til after YOUR time has run out. As in the server has its own timing mechanism in its gaming engine that says "Oh heatmap timed out place the focus on the next player and send him the command which disables his ability to add a bet". BUT the application on my end still thinks I have the ability to bet, and the first time this happened I tried to bet again anyways - IT ADDED MONEY TO MY BET THE DEALER LOST AND I GOT MORE MONEY!

The next bug is even worse in my opinion but this has only happened ONE time to me. I had the ability to bet ON TOP OF THE GAME PLAYING ALREADY. My game played out as if the other players were playing an independent game. Yet my bet went through and the dealer played out both games simultaneously.

The last bug is that it automatically performs actions for you. Ive surrendered when i didnt want to, hit when i didnt want to and stayed when i didnt want to all random timing not reproducable.

Thanks for listening!

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