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February 9th, 2020 at 9:20:39 PM permalink
My wife and I play poker at a locals casino near Tacoma, Washington. They have limit games and an Omaha 8 Hi/Low game going most evenings. They have a Monte Carlo board for quads and better for both types of games. On Friday, my wife was playing 3-6 limit and was dealt A/K of diamonds. The flop produced the queen and jack of diamonds. The turn produced the ten of diamonds giving her a diamond royal for $1000 bonus. On the river, the other player still in the head says "don't bet". He was giving her some air as he had the 8/9 of diamonds for a straight flush. Crazy.

So the next evening we thought that we would push our luck and played again for a couple of hours. I was playing the Omaha 8 4-8 limit game and was dealt A/K of diamonds and 3/4 of spades. There was only one other caller. The flop was Q of diamonds, 2 of diamonds, and Q of spades. The betting went check/check as did the turn when a 10 of diamonds came. The river produced the J of diamonds giving me a diamond royal for $1700.

So, in two brief nights of poker we both hit diamond royals with our A/K starting hands. I could get used to this.

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