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Quote: tongni

To my knowledge, the biggest problem with Lunar Poker in the US is that it didn't really see a lot of play. In other countries the max bets are much bigger, the scrutiny for a long time was close to zero, and certain conditions were very favorable for Russian teams to smash away. In many of those countries now a Russian passport is worse than wearing a MIT blackjack team hat.

This is pretty much my understanding too. I heard rumors that it was a good advantage play for a while but wasn't the kind of thing I felt comfortable pursuing. And contrary to popular belief, I don't ruin every advantage play I hear about by writing about it.
It's not whether you win or lose; it's whether or not you had a good bet.
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Lunar in the US was played quite a bit by at least 1 AP team. Unfortunately there was too much info posted online about it, so the casinos were pretty paranoid. They often pulled the game after 1 night of play.

The casinos pulled the game and they added the mandatory side bet, killing the advantage play.

It was never all that popular with casual gamblers, though it did seem to get some locals that were pretty loyal.
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American traditions are different : )

In the countries of the former USSR and eastern Europe, Lunar poker (in the original Russian) is the most popular game among card games. And the rules are not cut, but full rules that theoretically give the player a +EV on two boxes and more. If the rules cut the guests stop playing

You ask and do casinos win or lose!? WIN, and very much! : ) The player must believe that there is a chance of victory, to be adv.gambler You need a heavy bankroll and discipline, which many do not have : )

I always openly said that the casino to increase profits should be allowed full rules and learn to identify the advancers, and an army of idiots who read a "free strategy" of internet will bring all of their money : ) The casino that the first thing it understands will pass competitors...

You ask if I'm not dreaming!? No : ) Welcome visit us to gamble it : )
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I too want to buy one, did you get that?


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