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The 2017 Poker Hall of Fame (David “Devil-Fish” Ulliott).

The Origin of the Devil-Fish Nickname.

Nicknames are prevalent in the poker world.
So how did one of the world’s most popular poker players gain the Devil-Fish nickname?
It wasn’t because he ate Devil-Fish or used to go wrangling for the aquatic creature.
On the contrary, the story of the Devil-Fish harkens back to a poker game in cheery old England hosted by a man named Stephen Au-Yeung.

History of Dave “Devil-Fish” Ulliott (The Number-1 Poker-Nickname).

The Devil-Fish Nickname was thought up by Stephen Au-Yeung early 1997, who ran a poker game that Ulliott had frequented in Birmingham, UK. Who later sold him the website in 2005 and keep for himself.

About Stephen Au-Yeung.

Stephen Au-Yeung (Legend of New Table Games®)
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