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Hate to bump this, but I was thinking of this game again for some reason and realized I never mentioned the table itself. It's a decent bit smaller than a standard craps table and it has a hard flat surface, not felt at all. When I played, I could "finesse" the dice and get a high number with a soft throw. Someone mentioned earlier in the thread about a person hypothetically being able to roll high numbers consistently. Seems a lot more possible for Beat The Dealer than with craps. I haven't been in upstate NY for awhile anyways, but it looks like they still have the game.
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Flash from the past! Was at Turning Stone last night as they opened the Beat The Dealer table. It was right next to a craps table I was watching. I new it was a bad bet but had never seen it played. Then I saw the house edge on Wizard!!! When I saw that it was just slightly less of a house edge than the Big 6 Wheel I had to chuckle.

But it seemed to be getting a lot of players. It appeared that most people thought it was like craps but without all the thinking! I'll stick to craps.

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