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August 27th, 2011 at 5:52:51 PM permalink
Apparently there is an Australian scratchoff lotter ticket game known as Pictionary wherein a five dollar ticket gives the player a card of 15 covered areas and a "win" constitutes obtaining a ticket that has a match between a printed word and its pictorial representation.

So the word "Rock" and a pictorial representation of a pair of scissors would lose as would the word "wrench" and a pictorial representation of an umbrella.

One man scratched a ticket and saw the word "bathe" and a pictorial representation of a stick-figured human performing what no-doubt would be referred to as the Australian Crawl. It seems he was quite excited at the 100,000 dollar "win" but the lottery officials told him that the word match for a win would have been a stick figure of a swimmer and the word swim or a stick figure of a person inside a bathtub and the word "bathe".

Now yeah, its a lousy lottery and a lousy error ... but so far its gone to two different courts and now a third court seems to have ended it with "not a winning ticket".

Seems that the adverse publicity would be bad enough. Why can't the lottery officials think first?

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