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I had a large down swing a few months ago, and since then, this casino has been giving me lots of comps. In the form of free chips (Redeemable at any table games, not sticky), free hotel nights, and free food.

I don't live very far to need the hotel nights, and I don't live close enough to justify driving there for free food.

The only thing I'm interested is the free chips, or whatever other method of comp they give me that is more or less able to be converted into something of value, preferably cash.

I was told that discretionary comps are different from the normal "reward points". The shift manager who told me that specifically stated it's mostly based on losses. And as far as I can tell, it's mostly "invisible" from the player's end.

My question could also be phrased as: "Are mailer free nights different than hand-comped free nights"

For sure, hand-comped food (when you ask the pit boss for a meal comp) definitely comes from the discretionary comp balance. They explicitly said so. It's also reasonable to assume, that hand-comped rooms would be similarly deducting the balance off disc comp balance.

But what about mailer comps? The rooms, food, free play/free chips that come from mailers? Are they from the discretionary comp balance or something completely different?

Does taking one of them reduce your "discretionary comp balance" hence reducing your comps in the other 2 forms?

The last thing I want is for to take the free nights, and unknowingly having that eat into my discretionary comp balance, indirectly reducing the amount of free chips I get.
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September 10th, 2022 at 3:51:52 PM permalink

Comp policies vary.
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I'd try the food comps a few times just to find out if there's something I might like that I can't find elsewhere or in the frozen food aisle.
Hotel comps are an enormous point drain on a player's card; so if it's discretionary comps, I might try one night to check out the accommodations. I never know if I'll get stranded at the casino for some reason and I'll want to know about staying at the hotel first before staying for an emergency. I have issues, so pre-clearing a hotel stay may be necessary. It may result in my decision to never stay there, but then a tornado comes in the next week and I'll need somewhere to stay anyway. I'd hope my comps were MDawg large to get free hotel rooms until the housing bubble pops. If I don't use MDawg large comps, maybe the casino will just donate them to the discretionary comp pot and they'll go to someone else.
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