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September 9th, 2018 at 6:53:23 PM permalink
I have no knowledge of this but does anyone else know of Alfastreet (roulette machines in particular), and if they are considered to be class 2 systems?

The reason I ask is, this google patent from their company, which clearly states that they have owned or own the rights to a class 2 bingo system which is disguised as automated roulette...

This is actually one of the more easier patents to understand as well

take this clip from the patent -

For example, a wager on “26”, the 3×3 bingo ticket will include a middle horizontal line with the numbers 51 and 52. Wagers that include multiple roulette numbers, such as “black”, “red” and “2nd 12 numbers,” or other inside or outside roulette bets, will be divided equally among the bingo tickets generated for each of the included roulette numbers. Payouts will be similarly adjusted and are based on the specific outcome being determined as one of the included roulette numbers. For example, $1 wagered on the “2nd 12 numbers” bet will be divided by 12 representing the twelve possible numbers 13 through 24, so that $0.0833 will be effectively placed as a wager on each of the 3×3 tickets, with each of the tickets having the first and second numbers as shown in FIG. 6 associated with numbers 13 through 24 in the middle, horizontal line. Similarly, a corner wager would be divided by 4, representing the four possible roulette numbers included in the wager. While in some embodiments, the 3×3 tickets will be unique to each player or station 12, payouts on these wagers which include more than one specific roulette outcome, such as splits, corners, columns, or dozens wagers, will be paid to players only upon the specific outcome being one of the numbers included in the wager, just like in standard roulette. In some embodiments, players will share in the payout for winning wagers.

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