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It's almost certain that the U.S. will be awarded the 2026 World Cup and Vegas is considered a favorite to be one of 12 cities to host some of the games.
There is also a possibility that one of the 2028 Olympic Soccer pools might be played here.
I remember when NY co-hosted a pool in the 1994 World Cup. Most people didn't expect much of an impact to the city but it was huge. I was living and working in Queens and tens of thousands of tourist descended on us.
We were lucky enough to have the Irish team in the NY pool and 94 will always be fondly remembered as a banner year for the Irish bars in the Boro. There was even a pop up as a Spanish bar down the street from me called El Padrino changed its name to O'Malleys and hired a couple of Irish doormen to get in on the act for the duration.
This is what having a world class stadium can mean for Vegas.
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2026? 2028? That's a long ways away...


Actually, when considering the logistics and infrastructure that needs to be set up for those kinds of events, it's actually not a lot of time.

Thanks for the info. Very cool & interesting.
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