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February 5th, 2017 at 10:54:41 AM permalink
The last few times I have played baccarat I noticed a sporadic trend. I realize this may not be exploitable by any means but I wonder what the odds are of this occurring.

Example 1: Player would win or lose with a final tally of 5.

The following hand player would again win or lose again with a final tally of 5.

Example 2: Bank would win or lose with a final tally of 7.

The following hand banker would win or lose again with a final tally of 7.

I saw this on both the bank and player side quite a few times. It seemed to me like it was a lot more than average. It never went beyond the same final number more than two hands.

Just to clarify the same final number was on either the banker side twice in a row (meaning 2 hands in a row) or the player side twice in a row.

Can anyone please tell me what the odds are of the bank and player having the same final number back to back.

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February 5th, 2017 at 3:03:36 PM permalink
Can't tell you the odds but I can promise you it won't help you whatsoever because it's not a pattern nor will one follow the other in a pattern anymore then normal over the long run
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A quick calculation suggests the chances of the Dealer getting the same score from the first hand of two shoes (i.e. independent hands) is about 10.57% and the Player 10.77%. Slightly surprising the most likely total for both Player or Dealer is 9 and the second most likely is 7!

As has been said Baccarat isn't very countable so in practice it is close whether any one hand has a material effect on other hand. In this case say the dealer used a Ten and 7 for the first hand, then technically the chances of getting a second total of 7 might be slightly less, but with 8 decks I'm guessing the difference would be fairly marginal.

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