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This game is a minigame for a MUD (text-based multi user dungeon game) and the game involves a dealer and a single player. Tournaments (multiple players per game) will be run once the mechanics are all figured out for single player.

You are standing on a beach watching the waves come in, and each set has 10 waves. For each game there are 10 sets. There are 10 different sharks, and during each set of waves, a random shark will appear in a random wave. The games currency is in gold coins, and a usual amount for a player to have in the game is 1,000,000 gold, so getting millions doesn't take a whole lot of time.

So as the program is written: a player chooses which wave the shark will roll in on and the program rolls the dice and a shark appears on wave x. If the player wins that wave, it will add to their score. This will continue for 9 more sets of waves (player selects a wave and then a shark appears in one of the waves). After 10 sets of waves, the player will now roll the 10 sided dice for each scored point to win a random prize.

For the prizes, there are 10 different bags with 10 different prize amounts in each. The player will be able to see a table of all the prizes ahead of time (bag 1 = 50,000 gold, bag 2 = 100,000 gold, bag 9 = 2.5 million gold, bag 10 = 5 million gold, etc). The buy-in would be something like 300,000 or 500,000 or 1,000,000 gold.

The player might be able to have different options of how they bet: A full game is 10 sets of 10 waves. + The basic game is they guess the wave which the shark will appear on.
+ The next option would be they guess the wave, and they can also guess which shark might appear in any of the wave. (2 out of 20 odds?)
+ Another option would be they guess the wave, and can also guess which shark will be on their winning wave. (what are the odds?)
+ Another option might be the player rolls four 10-sided dice: the first dice is which wave the shark will appear, the second dice is which shark will appear, the third and fourth dice are an exact match of what wave + shark will appear. (no idea what the odds are here)
-for this option, an example: dice 1 = wave 4
dice 2 = shark 3 (hammerhead)
dice 3 & 4 = wave 7 with shark 10 (tiger shark)

My major concerns are:
What are the odds for each type of game?
What should be the buy-in and prizes for a single player game?
How much should the buy-in and prize amount change depending on which game method the player chooses?
Which of the game methods is most fair to the player and dealer...where most often the dealer will make a little bit of gold (the player not throwing their money away), but the player has a chance to make some big gold.
Is there another method that will interest the player even more to keep them coming back (how to intrigue the player that it is both a rewarding and fun game)?

Im not set in any ways yet and am open to any suggestions. I do like the player getting to actually choose which wave the shark will appear in rather than rolling a 10-sided dice. That makes it too
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