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Quote: Kentry

I am thinking of betting on Horses, but am concerned that my Horse could fall down and cost me my money. They do say I can play the Horse numbers at a 10 cent minimum, does that mean I can give a dime and choose 3 horses, or do I have to give them a dollar and 10 different plays?

I am thinking of playing Blackjack, but the cheapest Blackjack game is $5. Errm. :/ I don't really like playing $5 on one game or spin.

Hi Kentry,
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Your horse could also fail to win. That costs you too.

Don't worry too much that some members here don't take you seriously. Like myself you are very small fry to the world of gambling. Worry about $5 though and you are in the wrong hobby.
Your comments about risk seem to indicate that you are not at all familiar with house edge and variance. You also sound like you don't have much bankroll that you are prepared to lose. Find and read articles by Romes.

House edge on horses is huge: You are likely to lose significant amounts of money quickly. If you ever win, it will be short lived.
Lottery tickets and scratch cards are possibly the daftest way of throwing your money away. Absolute mugs game and you will barely see them discussed here.
Slots, at least here in the UK will rob you blind. My typical 20 minutes playing a bar room slot machine would usually mercilessly take £25-£50 off me. The modern US slots with video screens bore me silly.

With blackjack and a modest budget of £100 you can have literally hours of entertaining play and typically lose it or double it over that time.

It's all about entertainment value. what gives you the most entertainment for your money?
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The game I play for money preservation due to the amount of pushes and the relatively few hands per hour is Pai Gow Poker. I would love to learn Tiles, but I would rather learn that game with someone who knows how to properly play it.
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I don't know about Pai Gai Poker. Some guy named Michael Borovetz is hooked on that game and trolls Airports, scamming hundreds if not thousands of innocent people for money to play it. He even mentioned that he knew there was a huge possibility that he would end up trying to scam someone who was a Member on a gambling forum and he still went ahead and kept doing it.
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Quote: Gabes22

...relatively few hands per hour is Pai Gow Poker. I would love to learn Tiles, but I would rather learn that game with someone who knows how to properly play it.

(I) While Pai Gow Poker might be slow, unless you're banking the House Edge is fairly high; also the minimum stake tends to be higher. Thus I feel it would eat your money faster than playing Blackjack.

(II) Pai Gow Tiles - I first played it in Sydney (knowing little about it other than wizard's old strategy) and the inspector was fairly kind. However one can only really learn the basics by watching some hands and then memorising the tiles and the scoring methods. Once I realised the tiles had four groups and some order, it was much easier ( (a) GJ, 66 11 ..... (d) 9, easy 8, mixed 7, 5 ). It still takes me a while to find all the possible scores (i.e. which combination gives best high or best low), but that will come with practice. You can also create a set from two sets of normal dominoes (Hi 6 is actually 3-3). Understanding House Way will work when learning, but there are some exceptions worth learning later on.
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Where are you playing five dollar blackjack? I'll help you with the house edge if I knew where
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