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Quote: PBguy

Viejas casino (tribal) east of San Diego has Pot o' Gold machines with progressive jackpots for Keno and vp. I've seen jackpots over $150,000. There are regulars that hit the machines hard when the jackpots on a bank of machines gets high. I've watched people play $10 per hand/game/spin whatever you call it in Keno. The losses certainly add up quickly unless you hit the jackpot!

On May 30th someone hit a Superball Keno jackpot for $143,460

You're bucking some long odds here. The frequency for 9/10 is 164,000 and 10/10 is 8.9 Million.
Do you know what the minimum bet is to qualify for this progressive.
Are there any other progressives on this machine, like 7-spot, 6-spot, 5-spot?
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Pot 0 Gold machines also have a lotto like game where you pick numbers 0-9 and match the numbers in various ways, you can play four cards. They are very fun compared to bingo and keno. I do enjoy them, fun and mindless.

I played them for a short time when they had/have them in Florida all over the place with really great meter movement they got up really high over 50k and the hourly can be really good in the hundreds per hr. One guy was getting full expense paid and $50 bucks and hr. You could get a fair amount of plays.

A few well known gamblers were doing well.


Once you got on You could not leave, Guys would be practically sleeping on the machines while spinning (some spinning with their heads)

Huge bankroll needed If you ran bad then Good game.

Smokiest places you will ever see.

waiting lists to get on them once they hit like 35k. You had to stand in line and be on the list when they got high enough at some places.

lots of heat from casino and others.

Casinos hated anyone from Vegas or any white guy that looked like they were from Vegas. White guys really stood out when targeting them machines.

Machines only took 20's and under.

Drug dealers used the machines to wash and launder money. Great way to get ride of small drug bills and have an advantage and show where you got your money.

Local Drug teams didn't like competition, occasional violence if they thought you were a team.

"supposedly"One person was threatened robbed and beaten for over 50k.

Other then all that is was a good play.
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