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Hi Wizard and anyone here,

Do you have any information about the game Bai Buu? like house edge or optimal strategy. It's a very popular casino game in Vietnam and Cambodia. The following is the introduction from Nagaworld website, which is located in Phen Phnom, Cambodia.

Bai Buu


The game is played with a standard 52-card deck.
The Dealer shakes the dice to determine where the deal begins.
The House card can play with 9 points for high hand and 4 points and above for low hand.
If low hand under 4 points Dealer must split. i.e. Q+8+A+4, House will arrange as 4+Q and 8+A. If Q+8+A+3, House will arrange as A+3 and Q+8.
The number of pairs cannot split are: 4,4/ 5,5/ 10,10/ J,J/ Q,Q/ K,K/ A,A
If House hand has A+ 9 or 2 pictures, cannot split.
Q+K+6+4, House will arrange 6+4 and Q+K
A+9+8+2, House will arrange 8+2 and A+9
The number of pairs must split are: 2,2/ 3,3/ 6,6/ 7,7/ 8,8/ 9,9
Pair of 2 : 3+7, 4+7, 5+7, 6+7, 5+6
Pair of 3 : 4+6, 5+6
Pair of 6 : 1+2 and/or 3, 2+10, 3+10
Pair of 7 : 1+2 and/or 10, 2+9
Pair of 8 : A+10, and J+Q and/or K
Pair of 9 : A+10, and J+Q and/or K
Note: If House has 3 or 4 points on low hand and Player has the same low hand, House wins.

The following is the ranks of the hand

Four of a kind (An automatic winner)
Three of a kind (An automatic winner)
Pairs (AA is the highest)
Two Picture Cards, no pair. (e.g. KQ KJ QJ, the value is the same, which KQ ties QJ ties KJ)
Ten points (only A&9 counts as 10 points, unlike 2&8 or 3&7, which counts as 0. This was what confused me in the very beginning)
Point from 0 to 9 (Two cards count as Bacarrat points, like 9&6 count as 5, or 4&9 counts as 3.)

I searched but couldn't find any information. I'd appreciate if anyone could share me some information, like house edge or optimal strategy for the player. If anyone needs to know more about the game, please let me know. Thanks.

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September 8th, 2013 at 5:44:01 AM permalink
Interesting. Sounds like this game

but in playing card format

I'm sure the brilliant JB can analyze Bai Buu fully.
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September 8th, 2013 at 11:35:46 AM permalink
That's true. It's pretty like Pai-Gow Tiles. I think Bai Buu is only available in Vietnam and Cambodia casinos now. It's very popular there.
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January 9th, 2021 at 4:12:19 AM permalink
Hi Chisan.
I would like to know more about this game. I don't guess you have some video of the game being played? It's difficult to imagine the game just in writing. A bit more explanation I the actual hands, what is the goal of the game, etc. Thanks
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