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In 2009 Mexico held regular mid-term elections, along with scattered state-level elections. Unlike the uS, Mexico right now is a three-party system. There are three major parties, plus a scattering of dwarf aprties (the latter do gain some electoral posts, but only as they manage to attach themselves to the big parties).

That year there was a rather big grass-roots movement to vote for "none of the above" in elections for the Senate and the Chamber fo Deputies (akin to the US House of Representatives). The way to do this was to go to the polls, then null or void the ballot in some way. Say by picking more than one candidate, leaving the ballot blank, writting in a fictional character, among other things.

I wonder how good an idea this was. There was a larger amount of null or voided ballots than usual, but nothing much changed. By 2012, no one was advocating this again in any serious way.
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