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Anybody know why when i click new thread it comes up in red type telling me im a spamer and to go away? Since i cant start a new thread to ask a question ill try here.In the terms and conditions section of bovadas table games welcome bonus it states and i quote. Any play in Single Deck and Double Deck Blackjack,Sic Bo, Roulette, and Blackjack in the poker client does not count toward meeting the rollover requierments for withdrawl. My question is what does in the poker client mean?
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It's part of this site's anti-spammer efforts.

JB and the Wizard put it in place to prevent spammers from taking over this site.

Apparently, you got caught up in the limitations imposed.


I have no answer regarding your Bovada question.
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Oops, I made a mistake (what else is new). In an attempt to combat those stupid 都ell cc cash good credit card wu dump threads, the code I wrote was mistakenly interpreting all new threads by new members as spam, but what's worse, is that it was showing the nasty "go away" message before even letting them type anything.

It's fixed now, sorry to all the legitimate posters that were affected.
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The poker client is a separate downloadable program that runs all their poker tables and tournaments. It is connected to the same account for money and personal information, but you play poker through it - not their website at bovada.lv.

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