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Hello all,

I opened an account at 5 Dimes Casino. But I almost got executed by the other players because I kept going in and out of the 3 live blackjack 'rooms' looking for the conditions that I like. This was not an early surrender game but rather a 'traditional' (American?) game with no early payout and everyone make their own decisions on their own hands. Also, when there are no bettors and the dealer is just standing there staring at the camera waiting for bettors to come along and bet, the shoe is not reshuffled (as would be done in a casino). What the heck?!!!

My three questions:

1) I have been spending time on Celtic Casino due to their free demo option. They use early surrender, which seems more suited to my selective style of play. Does anyone know of any USA friendly live online early payout blackjack sites.

2) When it comes to the legalities of online gambling from the US, what is the distinction made between living in the USA as a resident and living in the USA but using a a deposit method that is not affilated with the US (e.g., Western Unioning the money to the Philippines before it gets to the casion)? For example, Celtic Casino (in Costa Rica) will not let me proceed to set up an account - I guess because they can tell by my IP address that I am in the US. But 5 Dimes casino, also in Costa Rica, let me set up my account. But it wasn't easy. 5 Dimes said that normally I would be able to use my USA debit Visa card but that the system is currently down and that they did not know when it would be operational again. I wonder if this is some kind of scam. Anyway, also, the e-wallet option or whatever it is didn't work and wasted about 30 minutes of my time, and then MoneyGram grilled me about why I was wiring the money. I finally used Western Union.

3) What if I travel to the Bahamas or to Mexico or to Canada with a laptop - can I then freely gamble at these non-USA friendly live blackjack sites. Or even then do I still need a non-USA method to fund my gambling account?

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